Opening and closing words of the IAPL President:
Cadiet Discours d'ouverture Istanbul
Cadiet Discours de clôture Istanbul

Key note speeches:
ARRUDA ALVIM Key note speech
MARCUS Key note speech

Cappelletti Prize Speeches:
Carlo Rasia_Cappelletti Prize Speech
José M. Salgado_Cappelletti Prize Speech

IAPL 2012 Moscow Conference e-book "Civil Procedure in Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Eurasia Context"
IAPL 2012 Moscow Conference e-book
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House rules for applications, recommendations and admission of new IAPL members (as approved by the Presidium at the 2012 Paris meeting and amended at the 2017 Salamanca meeting)
See document

The program is available here for downloading
2013 IAPL Athens Conference Program

Corte Europea de Derechos Humanos - Reglas de la Corte (1 de Mayo de 2012)
ECHR - Rules of the Court

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